Enbase Analytics

Analytics and Intelligence for Oil and Gas Operations

Enbase Analytics applies statistical techniques, rules and algorithms to identify patterns in raw data in order to predict future outcomes and drive predictive operations and maintenance of assets.

Enbase Analytics offers E&P, midstream and energy service companies a compelling opportunity to substantially improve uptime, reliability, MTBF and, consequently, hydrocarbon production, while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

Assimilating data from existing sources and systems (e.g., corporate databases, line-of-business apps, SCADA systems, etc.), as well as the Enbase SCADA and Enbase Mobile systems, Enbase Analytics converts raw oilfield equipment, personnel and production data into actionable information.

Enbase Analytics does not rely on one-size-fits all algorithms. Instead, Enbase has developed oil and gas-specific calculations and rules, which drive more accurate and insightful predictions that are engineered for our industry.