Enbase Mobile

Enterprise Mobility Platform
For Oil and Gas

Enbase Mobile is the leading, operate by exception, field automation platform for E&P, midstream and energy service companies. Designed and built exclusively for oil and gas, Enbase Mobile sharply reduces CAPEX and LOE for operators, as well as DSO for energy service companies. Whether it’s drilling, production, transportation, construction, maintenance, HSE, or electronic field tickets and invoicing automation, Enbase Mobile closes the communication gap and boosts efficiency.
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Operate By Exception With Enbase Mobile

The Enbase Mobile platform offers a full line-up of oil and gas apps, available on an à la carte or fully-integrated, enterprise basis. The platform may also be customized, allowing you to modify existing apps, build your own apps, and access the API for enterprise integration requirements.


Health and safety hazards are widespread in the field, but Enbase Mobile can drive safety like no other tool in the oil and gas industry. It's patent-pending, electronic JSA functionality ensures total alignment between job activities, conditions and scope, with the critically important hazard identification and hazard control/mitigation process. Time stamps, date stamps, geo stamps, and electronic signatures drive accountability, while compliance alerts and analytics for HSE professionals drive continuous process improvement.

Pad & Road Construction

Rapid upstream and midstream development requires efficient, electronic construction management. Enbase Mobile fully automates the oil and gas “dirt work” construction process, delivering AFE-to-Actual compliance, scheduling efficiency, safety, and superior job performance results in return.

Drilling & Completions

High performance D&C operations means more than just reaching target. The Enbase Mobile D&C module drives real-time transparency and control of the people and processes at the site. From determining surface conditions, to drilling and stimulation, until the well is online for production, Enbase Mobile delivers efficiency and closed-loop, exceptions-based information and insight across the board.

Facilities Construction

Expanding upon and working with the Pad & Road Construction Module, Enbase Mobile Facilities Construction module takes you to production and flow quickly, safely and for less money. RFQ’s, bids, schedules, field work, materials, invoices, and more are all fully automated and managed electronically -- delivering AFE-to-Actual compliance, scheduling, safety, and total job performance.

Lease Operators

Automating lease operator/pumper activities can have a major impact on lowering LOE, as well as maximizing production and flow assurance. Enbase Mobile delivers the capability to operate-by-exception by fully automating all lease operator activities, and electronically delivers the data into your asset management, work order and production reporting systems for real-time field operations.

Production Optimization

Enbase Mobile bridges the gap between engineers, optimizers, and asset managers, and the field personnel and contractors they rely on to execute their production optimization and flow assurance recommendations. The result is a closed-loop, fully electronic process so that communication and feedback from the field is seamless and in real-time, driving well performance and lower LOE.

Production Chemicals

The production chemical program is one of the highest components of LOE for most operators, and directly tied to well failures and workovers. Enbase Mobile provides much needed insight and accountability into your chemical program by tracking and verifying treatments, samples, labs, dosing, inventory, and invoicing, all on an exception-driven basis.


Electronic run tickets are just the beginning. Enbase Mobile for Haul-Offs provides date, time and geo-stamping on all hauling activities to ensure complete accountability for arrival, departure, load and unload events. Whether its produced water going to the SWD or crude oil hauling, Enbase Mobile fully automates it. In addition, the haul-offs module also provides scheduling and dispatching, fully integrating with accounting and invoicing systems to manage the process from start to finish.

Maintenance & Repairs

Enbase Mobile for Maintenance & Repairs can provide a user friendly mobile interface to your existing work order/asset management system, or an operate by exception work flow and scheduling system. The rich user interface guides field works through equipment deployment, maintenance and overhaul jobs in an intuitive, step-by-step process, driving overall quality and job performance. Electronic JSA's, parts, materials, time, expenses, and electronic field tickets with digital signatures are all included.


Making inspections quick, accurate and paperless for field personnel, Enbase Mobile for Inspections drives an operate-by-exception approach by prioritizing the most important inspection information that requires action or follow up. Enbase Mobile works for all types of oil and gas inspections (operational and HSE-based), and synchronizes with your systems of record so the process is seamless and data is never entered twice.

Flow Assurance

The formula is simple, superior information flow leads to superior hydrocarbon flow. Enbase Mobile for Flow Assurance allows field personnel, foremen, asset managers, and engineers to share information and work together in real-time, even when physically separated. The results include less downtime, fewer failures, and faster, more accurate resolution when problems arise.


Enbase Mobile promotes stewardship and compliance by providing a powerful yet simple way for field personnel to adhere to environmental policies, practices, inspections, and reporting. Asset data, alarms and work activity information flows seamlessly between field and corporate personnel which in turn drives environmental compliance and performance.

Fast, Progressive Cross-Platform Architecture

  • Runs on Any Device
  • Works Online & Offline
  • Seamless Integration with ERP & Third-party Systems
  • Specifically Designed for Operate by Exception
  • Drives Transparency between Field & Corporate
  • Exceptional, Field-Approved User Interface

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