Enbase Mobile - Chemical

Enterprise Mobility Platform for Chemical Treatment Operations

Enbase Mobile - Chemical drives efficiency, accuracy and treatment compliance for chemical companies and their E&P and midstream customers. It works by automating and connecting the flow of asset information and treatment requirements of E&P and midstream companies, with the drivers, technicians, routes, logistics and inventories of the chemical company. Enbase Mobile also integrates with your systems of record to ensure that all data collected is instantly available for record keeping, reporting, analysis and continuous process improvement.

How Enbase Mobile Solves Chemical Company Challenges and Creates a Competitive Advantage:

Chemical Treatment Challenges

How can a mobility application help us solve chemical treatment challenges and simultaneously drive our costs down?

E&P and midstream companies rely on sound chemical treatment programs to optimize production and maintain flow assurance. At the same time, chemical vendors need accurate and timely asset information (as well as production and flow information when available) in order to design and deliver the most effective chemical program possible. The challenge lies in the fact that the required information travels manually and slowly between the parties, leading to treatment compliance problems, inefficient logistics, and missed opportunities to proactively optimize production and flow.

Enbase Mobile – Chemical completely automates the exchange of data, logistics and field activities required to achieve chemical program performance. Asset status data flows automatically to the chemical provider, while field treatment activities and lab analysis data flow in near-time back to the operator. The results are both proven and immediate, including significantly improved treatment compliance rates, reduced operating costs, and newfound opportunities to optimize production and flow.

Job Performance and Accountability

It can take weeks to verify treatment compliance. How can we quickly and electronically confirm that our chemical treatments happened, which treatment was delivered, and how much was applied?

Enbase Mobile – Chemical provides remote control of all chemical operations. With this application, E&P and midstream asset status data is automatically provided to the chemical vendor, its drivers and technicians via smartphone, laptop or tablet, eliminating wasted or missed service trips. Likewise, date, time and geo-stamps confirm exactly when the well, header, battery or other asset was treated by the technician (regardless of connectivity). Additional information such as delivery volumes, injection rates, tank levels, drum inventories, samples and more are captured in real-time and automatically populated back into each company’s source system.

Oilfield Ready

Our assets are located in remote areas, both onshore and offshore, and often without connectivity. We require a flexible application that can run on different devices, and is both easy and reliable for our field personnel to use.

Our sole focus at Enbase is oil and gas. We employ field workers ourselves, and know that for a tool like this to work, it better be easy, dependable and improve overall job performance, period. To that end, the Enbase Mobile user interface is second to none, which makes it simple and effective for oilfield personnel to use. Next, Enbase Mobile is built on modern HTML5 technology that runs on any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone), with or without connectivity, and syncs up automatically. In short, Enbase Mobile is designed from top to bottom for the oilfield, and it shows.

Asset Uptime and Reliability

A chemical vendor that improves asset uptime and reliability is a true value-add. How can Enbase Mobile increase MTBF and help drive asset integrity?

Enbase Mobile – Chemical provides superior data sharing and collaboration between E&P, midstream and chemical companies, including drivers, technicians, pumpers, account managers, asset managers, and engineers. Better data sharing and collaboration improves treatment compliance and treatment efficacy, which in turn reduces asset failures due to common problems such as scale, paraffin and corrosion. Accurate, timely data helps E&P and midstream companies leverage their chemical treatment programs to proactively drive asset uptime and reliability, and Enbase Mobile - Chemical delivers just that.

Tank Level Monitoring and Remote Dosing Control

Can Enbase remotely monitor chemical tank levels and automatically control chemical pump dosing rates based on production volumes?

The Enbase Chemical Automation System (CAS) installs on production chemical tanks to remotely monitor tank levels and automatically control the chemical injection pump’s dosing rate based on actual production volumes. It’s fully integrated with the Enbase Mobile – Chemical application, providing complete, closed-loop operations between your production chemical equipment and the people who fill, maintain and manage that equipment.

Safety, Environment and Compliance

How do we continuously drive safety and maintain environmental compliance across all field personnel, equipment, and operations?

Enbase Mobile makes safety and environment top-of-mind priorities by fully integrating your important HSE processes and requirements into each step of the underlying field work. Know when and where electronic Job Safety Assessments (JSA’s) were signed or modified with geo-tagging and digital signatures. Keep HSE professionals in the know regarding site conditions and work activities with electronic access to photos/video/schematics, scope change details, work permits, and alerts. And stay in compliance with efficient, HSE-related data collection from the field that’s electronically integrated with corporate systems of record.

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) / Time-to-Invoice

The longer it takes to invoice customers, the longer it takes to get paid. How can we speed up the process?

DSO is a constant challenge for energy service companies because in order to get an invoice out, all of the data and information regarding what work took place (including materials, volumes, inventories, services provided, proof of delivery, etc.) must first be collected from the field and then aggregated and organized into an invoice – which often takes weeks.

Enbase Mobile eliminates all of this by collecting treatment/volume/service information electronically, through a streamlined and intuitive interface, as it occurs. Time, date and geo-stamping provide proof of service. This information is then fed automatically back to your systems of record in real-time / near-time for review, approval, and invoicing.

Enbase Mobile – Chemical eliminates costly invoice generation delays, improving your customer relationships and your bottom line at the same time. In fact, most of our energy service company clients find that the savings generated from the reduction in DSO alone completely pays for the Enbase Mobile system in the first year.

Analytics, Metrics and Reporting

What good is collecting all of this field data unless we can leverage it for reporting, metrics and analytics?

No doubt about it, continuous process improvement (CPI) is the name of the game. The very best way to accomplish CPI is to have reliable, accurate and timely data flowing into reports, dashboards and business intelligence tools. Enbase Mobile not only integrates with your existing B.I., analytics and reporting systems, it also provides reporting and metrics as an organic part of the application. Now, with good asset, production and flow data from the operators, and reliable operations and treatment data from the field, your people can make the informed decision required to drive performance.

ERP, Systems of Record and Data Integration

Double data entry is not an option. Is there a mobile application that integrates seamlessly with our existing ERP, asset management, and other systems of record?

Enbase Mobile – Chemical integrates with ERP, asset management (e.g., equipment, well, site and facility management systems), production management, and other systems of record. It also includes integration adapters for SAP, Oracle, Maximo, Infor, and Dynamics. Finally, Enbase Mobile comes with a robust, RESTful API for integration into a limitless number of third-party applications. With Enbase – Mobile, data collection, distribution and sharing is literally "once and done."

Reduced Back Office Work & Invoicing Timelines

How can we eliminate all of the back office, manual data entry and re-entry and simply get people the information they need to do their jobs?

Secure and efficient data sharing across systems, departments, roles, users, and even with E&P and midstream company systems is at the heart of what Enbase Mobile does. This removes layers of e-mails, spreadsheets, data entry and re-entry from the process, freeing up time, reducing human error and allowing your back office to function quickly and effectively.